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No quick fix, no diet, no counting calories or 24/7 gym. Just learning how to make the right choices for your unique self so that you can regain control over your well-being through the food on your plate and habits around it. Food creates any and every building block in our body. You can eat yourself to health or to sickness. That is why it is such a powerful tool to create a healthy, energised and energetic body and mind. Balanced weight, better skin and stamina are just some of many positive side effects. We are all unique. Our work together will always be based on your personal potential aka body constitution. Because one size doesn’t fit all right? I will help you along the way with all of it.

This is how

A diet and nutrition consultation session between you and me will be carried out as followed: After our initial contact, I will send you a form to fill out so I can get a picture on what you want and need. We meet in person, phone or other to discuss further details, address questions and most important, start building a hands-on plan on how to create a realistic personal action plan toward the life you love waking up to. I will then get back to you a couple of days later with your individual action plan, tips and advice via email. Motivated and ready to go, you follow your new routines until we catch up again after three weeks to finalise our first session together by evaluating your experience.

We focus on

Our main focus is to create an overall sensation of balance and well-being through lasting but doable changes to the food on your plate and habits around it. Slow and steady but continuously small changes are the key for life-long and life-changing results. If, you want it all, now or never, you don´t want to go slow and steady but fast and forceful, I’m sure we can work something out as well! Your choices are in your hands but I’ll be there along the way.

Trainee prices

I am in the middle of my education to become an ecological diet and nutrition advisor at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut in Stockholm. Therefor, you have now the chance to work with me for a very small fee until the end of 2018.

Did you know that ecological means more than not using chemicals on our crops? Ecology is the biological study of interactions among organisms and their environment - the collaboration between humans, animals and nature. Our personal choices effect not just our individual self but the whole, big and complex ecosystem we call Earth, our habitat, which is our only home. The better our planet, the more we can thrive individually and ultimately, together. One for all, all for one.

I always work from that holistic perspective so we can help each other making better choices staring with what we put on our plates. Life is wonderful and meant to be lived to the fullest! We all deserve to feel great and be well. The power lies within our hands - your hands. I am here to provide you with the tools and being a companion along some part of your amazing journey to become more of your happy, healthy, vital self!

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