Build your Base with this Tool - filling nutrient rich bases

This list wont let you pondering about what to use as a wholesome base in your meal. These goodies also are excellent to make any salad more filling and satisfying. Download or screenshoop this PNG.

Complex carbohydrates or whole grains are an excellent filling base or topping in any dish. They keep you satisfied for longer, fuel you with more constant and balanced energy, are full of fibers that your gut needs to grow and maintain a healthy and strong gut flora (the microorganisms that for example break down your food to absorb nutrients so you can enjoy a strong immune system). Whole grains are not stripped off their germ and bran like refined varieties and therefore retain more nutrients and dietary fiber. Think brown rice (whole grain, unrefined with fiber, minerals and vitamins left to nourish us) vs white rice (polished and refined, fast simple carbohydrates, spike in blood sugar, very low on nutrients and fiber).

I have also included roots and tubers in this list because they have excellent dietary fibers. Just make sure you shop the real deal meaning as close to its natural form as possible. Not the fabricated form. Think potatoes (unrefined, natural form) vs fries (processed with additives, bad oils etc).

G = Contains Gluten

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