Plant Based
Travel Chef

“I just wanna help you to feel awesome. Life is easy and prioritizing your health is too. You just have to make it that way. I wanna share how to cook plant based nutritious goodies in no time and with minimal effort. Weight-loss, healthy skin from inside out, more energy, lust and luster just happen to come along. “

  • Plant Based Chef

  • Ecological Dietary and Nutrition Advisor

  • Holistic Skincare Therapist

  • Full-Time Traveller

  • Contributing Blogger at A Different Life

Andrea, born ´87 in Germany, Swedish Citizen by choice, World Traveller for life. At the age of 16 she was attending a lecture about food additives which opened her eyes. It was also mentioned that certain chemicals, like petroleum, is used in skin care products. That explained the feeling of too -tight-for-the-face dry skin despite all the rubbing in with creams and lotions. And why put (bad) additives in food? That just didn’t sound right. Andrea started to make her own skin care back then and hasn’t stopped. She also started questioning the food on her table. Food with additives long gone from her shopping bag, she wondered why she should eat fish if it is soaked with environmental toxins and heavy metals. And why drinking cows milk despite being a (nearly) grown up human woman? Pork wasn’t good for anyone they said and then red meet neither. Was meat good for you at all? she asked herself. She came to understand that it is best not just to eat to fill her tummy, but to nourish her body with foods that are whole, that were not over-altered in some factory. White pasta became wholemeal pasta, white rice brown rice. Hello millet, buckwheat and quinoa.

Her journey made her look at life from a holistic perspective which is why she likes to keep it simple but raw and pure - well, most of the time, because we are all human right? Her lifestyle can be called many things, but why label yourself when you truly want to be free? She follows her gut feeling, shamelessly creates, shares and eats tons of plant based whole foods, smothers herself in cold pressed organic plant oils, dresses in preferably black and white and pink because its beautiful and practical if all you own must fit into a backpack. She simply wants to share all she has learned and never stop learning along the road herself.